About Brian S. Converse

A Life of Creativity

Writing can reveal more about an author than he or she intends. Words are an expression of our inner selves. Brian's personal experiences and struggles are evident in part in his characters. The one-time aspiring professional fisherman has put aside his pole in favor of his pen. 

Brian first discovered his love of writing at the age of nineteen, while serving his country as a medic during Desert Storm. He expressed his loneliness and fear through writing. When he returned to the States, he found that his passion was no longer to work in the medical field, but to write. He began, then, to pursue his dream.

While Brian was discovering his love of writing, he was also discovering comic books. He didn't read them as a child. For a time, his understanding of the comic book field went hand-in-hand with his understanding of the writing process.

Since then, Brian has written in multiple styles, including plays, short stories, and poetry. His short stories have been featured in various websites, anthologies, and magazines. His poetry, as well, has found homes in magazines and anthologies. 

Since his Army days, Brian has published over a dozen poems and short stories. Never satisfied with less than the best with his work, he is highly selective about which works are submitted for publication, and so does not appear as prolific as some of his peers. 

Brian recently published his first novel, the first in a trilogy entitled The Rajani Chronicles. Its success is reflective of the tireless hours and work he placed in it. He is currently working on the sequel for publication early 2018.

He will always be writing, regardless of what happens in his life. He could be on his deathbed, and the little notebook would come out of his back pocket. That's just how Brian works. He's a writer. As long as there are ideas, and an ability to question them, he will put them on paper. 

- Lisa Converse